Chamber of Commerce: 2:00—3:15pm

In this time of political, environmental, and economic crisis, how do we move beyond tired notions of “reform” and “security” toward “regeneration” and “safety?” How do we co-construct new models of insurgent learning and civic responsibility? How does a society based on consumption reweave the social fabric? “Conviviality" posits ways of working together as citizens, reclaiming the commons not as a resource to be exploited but as a relationship to be fostered.

MANUEL CALLAHAN is an insurgent learner and convivial researcher with the Center for Convivial Research and Autonomy. He also participates in the Universidad de la Tierra Califas when he is not working for the Mexican American Studies Department at San Jose State University.

STEFANO HARNEY teaches at Singapore Management University. He is author with Fred Moten of The Undercommons: Fugitive Planning and Black Study (with Fred Moten). He is co-artistic director of the 2016 Bergen Assembly triennial in Norway.

FRED MOTEN is the author of In the Break: The Aesthetics of the Black Radical Tradition, Hughson’s Tavern, B Jenkins, The Undercommons: Fugitive Planning and Black Study (with Stefano Harney), The Feel Trio, The Little Edges, and The Service Porch. He lives in Los Angeles and teaches at the University of California, Riverside.

LINDA NORTON (moderator) is the author of THE PUBLIC GARDENS: POEMS AND HISTORY. She is Senior Editor at the Oral History Center of the Bancroft Library, UC Berkeley, and lives in Oakland.