Hearing Room 3: 1:45—3:00pm

When a nation lacks democratic institutions, art becomes a primary channel for political imagination. Through the act of writing, acting or filming, the artist assumes the responsibility for expressing thoughts of the whole society—and for challenging the established order. On this panel, Russian and American writers and scholars discuss the complicated relationship between art and power in Russia.  

ANASTASIA EDEL is the author of Russia: Putin’s Playground (2016). Her essays and fiction have appeared in World Literature Today and Cream City Review

GRISHA FREIDIN is Professor Emeritus of Slavic Languages and Literature at Stanford University. He is author of Coat of Many Colors and A Jew on Horseback: Isaac Babel and His Worlds (forthcoming).

NARIMAN SKAKOV is Assistant Professor of Slavic Languages and Literature at Stanford University. He is the author of The Cinema of Tarkovsky: Labyrinths of Space and Time.

ARTUR SOLOMONOV is the bestselling author of A Theatrical Story, a novel that reacts to the most painful and problematic facets of the modern Russian reality. He lives in Moscow.

ANNEMARIE O’BRIEN (moderator) is the author of Lara’s Gift, a novel inspired by her work as government advisor in the former countries of the Soviet Union.