Hearing Room 2: 11:00am—12:15pm

The Levittown model is alive and well in Silicon Valley, as technology companies peddle a physical and psychological melding of home and work embodied in onsite gyms, haircuts, meals, entertainment, and most recently, on-campus apartments for their work forces. This panel will examine the troubling legacy of the new company town and its effect on workers.

RACHEL BRAHINSKY serves as Faculty Director of the Graduate Programs in Urban Affairs and Public Affairs at the University of San Francisco. Her research and teaching center around the challenges of race and inequality in the context of rapidly changing American cities.

BENJAMIN GRANT is a city planner, urban designer, curator, and lecturer. An East Bay native and Oakland resident, he currently heads SPUR's interagency Master Plan for Ocean Beach.

DAN LYONS is The New York Times bestselling author of Disrupted: My Misadventure in the Start-up Bubble. A veteran technology journalist, he was a senior editor at Forbes, a writer at Newsweek and a member of the writing staff on HBO's Silicon Valley.

KARA PLATONI (moderator) is a journalist based in the Bay Area who focuses on science. Her latest book, We Have the Technology, is a collection of eleven stories about exploring and hacking sensory perception.