Hearing Room 4: 11:00am—12:00pm

The criminal justice system in America is broken. Can it be fixed? The prison abolition movement advocates for a society that does not rely on prisons, while prison reformers strive to improve the current system via a smart and safe reduction of the prison population. This panel will present and examine the arguments for both reform and abolition of the prison system in the United States.

ROBIN LEVI has been a women’s human rights advocate for more than twenty years. She is also College Outreach Coordinator at Students Rising Above, which helps low-income, high-achieving youth apply to and then successfully graduate from college.

CECILY MCMILLAN is a social justice organizer and prison rights advocate whose participation in, and arrest during, the Occupy Wall Street movement, along with her trial and conviction have been widely covered by the national media. Her memoir The Emancipation of Cecily McMillan is forthcoming from Nation Books.

A human rights attorney, JESSICA JACKSON SLOAN is the national director and cofounder of #cut50, a prison reform advocacy organization. Her first marriage was destroyed by the incarceration industry when her then-husband was sentenced to prison.