Founding Directors

Timothy and Kira have spent the last seven years working with Lewis Lapham to create and direct Lapham’s Quarterly, a journal of history and ideas. As co-directors of the Festival, Timothy and Kira assemble and oversee its Literary Council, a collection of prominent writers, educators, literary foundations, publicity partners, artists, intellectuals, and industry professionals. 

Kira Don was raised in Oakland and has lived in New York for the last 17 years, where she has worked as a magazine editor and journalist. She studied Philosophy at the New School’s Graduate Faculty and worked at a think tank at Columbia University before joining Lapham's Quarterly. Timothy Don has a degree in the History of Ideas (also from the Graduate Faculty at the New School) and has worked the last 15 years in New York as an artist, writer, and editor. He currently serves as Art Director at Lapham’s Quarterly. Together, Kira and Timothy have a thorough knowledge of the literary world and have worked in partnership with countless literary and artistic organizations, as well as with individual authors, artists, museums and galleries. Kira and Timothy have produced or participated in panel discussions at New York University, Columbia University and the 92nd Street Y; intimate bookstore readings across Manhattan and Brooklyn; galas, dinners and fundraisers of over 400 people for the Quarterly; cabaret theater events at the Public Theater; and on-stage interviews and discussions for the PEN World Voices literary festival.