Hearing Room 4: 3:30—4:30pm

The obligation to help those in need can arise from various quarters: politics, economics, even aesthetics. But when that obligation deepens into a vocation, it is best understood in terms of faith. On this panel, journalist and author Gregory Jordan and the Reverend Dr. Harold R. Mayberry, senior pastor of First African Methodist Episcopal Church, will share their experiences in Juarez, Mexico, and Oakland, California, and their insights into the role of faith and its transformative powers in a complex and dangerous world.

GREGORY JORDAN is a journalist and author of the books The Saints Are Coming and Willie Mays Aikens: Safe at Home. He has written for The New York TimesVox MediaCrisis Magazine, and The Hill. He’s collaborated on several books, including Mark Shriver's A Good Man and a forthcoming book on Pope Francis. His screenplay on the first circumnavigation of the globe has been optioned by Mono Films in Spain, and Ron Shelton is attached to direct his script about the life of Willie Mays Aikens.

REVEREND DR. HAROLD R. MAYBERRY is senior pastor of First African Methodist Episcopal Church (FAME) in Oakland.

ERIC A. SCHMIDT (moderator) is an editor at University of California Press, where he acquires books on ancient history and religion. He lives in Oakland.