Dalziel Building, 250 Frank Ogawa Plaza: 5:00—6:00pm

Beyond traditional white- and blue-collar distinctions, domestic and emotional labor are rarely counted as “work” at all. A sociologist, an historian, and a labor specialist discuss the value (economic and otherwise) embedded in undervalued labor.

Author of The Second Shift, The Managed Heart and the forthcoming Strangers In Their Own Land, ARLIE HOCHSCHILD, a UC Berkeley sociologist, also originated the concept of "emotional labor."

KATIE QUAN is a senior labor specialist at the UC Berkeley Center for Labor Research and Education. Previously, she was a seamstress, organizer, and international vice-president with the International Ladies’ Garment Workers’ Union.

RUTH ROSEN is a pioneering historian of gender and society and an award-winning journalist. Her most recent book is The World Split Open: How the Modern Women’s Movement Changed America.

DEIRDRE ENGLISH (moderator) is a lecturer at the Graduate School of Journalism at UC Berkeley. She is a former editor-in-chief of Mother Jones, and coauthor, with Barbara Ehrenreich, of For Her Own Good: Two Centuries of the Experts' Advice to Women.