Hearing Room 1  |  2:00pm–3:15pm
Presented By: California Humanities

The East Bay is home to civic pride, grassroots activism, and ongoing racial tensions. At a time of local and national unrest, how can the humanities contribute to the discussion of race and address societal divisions that result from historical inequalities? A panel of art, policy, and film makers will provide the local context of issues of race and place, using two documentary films funded by California Humanities as a focal point.

DONTE CLARK is a poet, emcee, educator and activist from Richmond. A founding member and artistic director of the RAW Talent Creative Arts Program, Donte stars in the film Romeo is Bleeding, which documents a youth-led production of Romeo and Juliet set on the streets of Richmond.

PENDARVIS HARSHAW is a journalist. As part of PolicyLink’s communications team, he works primarily with the Alliance for Boys and Men of Color, with a special focus on legislation in California.

AMIR SOLTANI is the co-director and producer of Dogtown Redemption, a documentary film that explores questions of race, class and space in Oakland through the story of West Oakland's shopping cart recyclers.

TAMARA ALVARADO (moderator) is Executive Director at School of Arts and Culture at Mexican Heritage Plaza, San Jose.