Dalziel Building  |  12:30pm–1:45pm
Presented By: The Rumpus

Does diversity in leadership translate into diversity in literary content? If not, what additional changes are necessary to create a genuinely inclusive literary landscape? How does the current conservative political administration affect the literary community and what can we do to move forward?

SAMANTHA GILES is the author of deadfalls and snares and is the Executive Director of Small Press Traffic.

ANISSE GROSS is a writer and editor whose has appeared in Lucky Peach, The Believer, The Guardian, and the Virginia Quarterly Review.

TRISHA LOW is the author of The Compleat Purge.

MEDAYA OCHER is the Managing Editor of the Los Angeles Review of Books.

ARISA WHITE is the author of You’re the Most Beautiful Thing That Happened.

MARISA SIEGEL (moderator) is the Editor-in-Chief of The Rumpus.