Dalziel Building  |  4:45pm–6:00pm

The mainstreaming of hip-hop has put rappers in positions of huge cultural influence. Here, four Oakland hip-hop artists discuss their attempts to use their platforms for social good at a time when the role of the "conscious rapper" has been redefined.

MISTAH F.A.B. is a rapper, multi-platinum songwriter, and philanthropist responsible for countless grassroots initiatives in his native North Oakland.

ALIA SHARRIEF is a rapper, activist, and founder of The Hijabi Chronicles, an online platform for Muslim women in the arts.

MADLINES is a rapper, activist, and the co-founder of BrujaLyfe, a curatorial platform intended to move women from the margins to the center of hip-hop.

INT'L HAY SUS is a rapper and founder of community organization The Black Neighborhood. By day, he is a legal assistant at the civil litigation firm Stanley Law A.P.C.

NASTIA VOYNOVSKAYA (moderator) is a journalist with bylines in San Francisco Chronicle, KQED, Paste Magazine, Noisey, and East Bay Express. She examines music and culture through an intersectional feminist lens.