DALZIEL BUILDING | 11:00am–12:15pm

Currently the Bay Area is embroiled in a housing crisis, one that pits the middle class against the working poor and leaves many long-term residents who liked their communities tired and heartbroken.  The debates about housing echo earlier social movements as communities feel silenced or erased and seek new ways to make the statement “I exist.” What would a just and healthy housing solution look like? What role do cities have in producing long term housing solutions, and who or what else is needed to make these solutions a reality?

LIN CHIN works on special projects at the City of Oakland’s Department of Housing and Community Development. Her current work includes transforming blighted and tax-defaulted properties into affordable housing, residential seismic retrofit and rehabilitation programs, and supporting sustainable homeownership for low- and moderate-income families. Her past experience at the City includes citywide oversight of Recovery Act compliance, coordinating foreclosure prevention and mitigation programs, launching the one-stop Housing Assistance Center, leading City efforts around green and healthy housing, community outreach for housing programs, and anchoring the housing component of a place-based community development initiative.

SANETA DEVUONO-POWELL is a Senior Planner at Changelab Solutions, a non profit dedicated to improving community health through law and policy innovation.  Her work is focused on how housing can improve the health of low income communities and communities of color. 

ROBERT (BOBBY) STAHL is the Associate Director of Urban Strategies Council. Bobby is originally from the Texas-Mexico border but has proudly spent several years working to influence housing, economic, and climate related policies to improve health in neighborhoods and communities across the Bay Area. Bobby is a proficient Spanish speaker with a passion for social justice and extensive experience with research & writing, advocacy, and relationship-building in support of social, economic, and racial equity.