Hearing Room 2  |  4:45pm–6:00pm
Presented By: Zone Books

What does finance capital have to do with democracy? This conversation between Ivan Ascher and Wendy Brown will explore how capitalism has changed in recent decades, and what the effects are on principles and practices of freedom, equality and popular sovereignty. Is there any hope for democratic renewal in a world dominated by finance and its imperatives? How might we need to think beyond Marx, and beyond democracy, both to grasp our present and to envision more just and sustainable futures for humanity and the planet?

IVAN ASCHER teaches political theory at the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee.   He is the recent author of The Portfolio Society: On the Capitalist Mode of Prediction (Zone Books, 2016).

WENDY BROWN teaches political theory at the University of California, Berkeley.  She is the recent author of Undoing the Demos: Neoliberalism’s Stealth Revolution (Zone Books, 2015).