Hearing Room 4  |  3:30pm–4:30pm
Presented By: MATATU

The fraught nature of the relationships among capital, philanthropic networks, and the art industry threatens creative sustainability. This conversation will address the triumphs and contradictions of independent spaces seeking to activate anti-capitalist movement and challenging the financial insecurity that weighs down culture makers’ fight for equity.

MAURICIO MARCIN ALVAREZ is the co-founder of Mexico City based Aeromoto, an independent contemporary art and cultural public library and venue, with Maru Calva, Macarena Hernández and Jerónimo Rüedi. Hecurrently works in publishing house Ediciones MP, and previously as curator at Museo Experimental El Eco from 2012-2017. 

ANGELA 'MICTLANXOCHITL' ANDERSON provides curatorial support for MATATU, a five-year collective and publicly accessible transportation system producing art, film, and social justice events centering the testimonies of the global diaspora. In addition, she weaves transterritorial collaborations and narratives with sound artists, indigenous spiritual communities, and integral education between Mexico City and the Bay.

SOFÍA CÓRDOVA is an Oakland-based artist, performer, scholar, and singer-song writer whose existential crisis birthed the project XUXA SANTAMARIA as an alter ego “who was born in 1492 with the arrival of Columbus to the Caribbean.” She produces dance music alongside her partner and collaborator, musician Matt Gonzalez Kirkland, because the two see pleasurable experiences such as pop music and dance parties as situations in which painful questions of identity, history, and belonging reside.