Council Chambers  |  11:00am–12:15pm
Arlie Hochschild in conversation with Clara Jeffery

Arlie Hochschild spent five years in “Red” America, during which she discovered powerful forces—fear of cultural eclipse, economic decline, perceived government betrayal—that help to explain the emotional appeal of a candidate like Donald Trump. Hochschild discusses these issue with Clara Jeffery, editor of Mother Jones, who published her research as “I Spent 5 Years with Some of Trump's Biggest Fans: How Donald Trump took a narrative of unfairness and twisted it to his advantage.”

ARLIE HOCHSCHILD is the author of nine books, including The Second Shift and Strangers in Their Own Land: Anger and Mourning on the American Right.

CLARA JEFFERY is the Editor-in-Chief of Mother Jones. During Jeffery's tenure, Mother Jones has won National Magazine Awards for general excellence, relaunched its website, and established bureaus in Washington and New York.