Question Everything

The life of the mind is the common good upon which every civilization is founded, not the exclusive domain of an elite class. Philosophy’s challenge—and its reward—is to question everything, everywhere, all the time. This extended panel is an invitation to walk down unexplored alleyways of thought and discover ideas we did not know we had.

The Genius of the Metropolis

Brimming with life, overflowing with creativity, ingenuity, and spontaneity, cities are where dreamers, scientists, artists, revolutionaries, slum dwellers, and titans rub shoulders, exchange ideas, and produce culture. This extended panel will be a wide-ranging exploration of the promises, failures, and future of humanity’s greatest invention: the metropolis.

Manhattanization of Oakland's Literary Scene

Oakland's long and illustrious literary tradition includes Ina Coolbrith, Jack London, Gertrude Stein, Floyd Salas, and many others. But is Oakland’s current literary scene truly a mirror reflection of Oakland, or is there a growing push by a conglomerate of literary moguls to “Manhattanize” Oakland’s literary culture?­ And is the result diversity—or tokenism?